If you're a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan (I guess it's safe for me to assume you are because you are reading this post) odds are that the level of excitement might sky rocket through the roof right the moment you hit the menu screen in the game. Not because of the Heroes in a Half Shell taking striking an iconic rooftop pose, but part of "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme is on loop. Honestly, I really enjoyed this screen for a good minute or two and so before finally  clicking on start a new game button. Red Fly Studio and Activision definitely deserve a delicious cookie for all the  awesome amount of nostalgia memories of TMNT right off the bat, but the question is that whether the game itself equally epic?

In case if you somehow missed everything about this game then here is some of the basics. So it is a third person beat 'em all game specially tailored for people who grew up living with this franchise. Each character gives their own unique feel: Leo is balanced, Mikey is swift, Raph is brutally brutal and Donny has a wide range. This isn't a gimmick to make it seem like the game has replay value. Each character brings up a different and new experience to the table combined with their own variety of moves which also showcase their own personalities. Just like in Arkham City of Batman, seeing moves land up in slow motion never gets boring..