Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game (WORLD OF SPEED)

Massively multiplayer online racing game launched “WORLD OF SPEED” is not only free for download, but it’s got another delight for its user, there is no payment portal in this game. Making it an entirely free game.
Developer Slightly Mad Studios are also working on other projects like PROJECT CARS, to which they say will be entirely different than any other Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) racing game ever.
Creative Director Andy Tudor comments on this game that it’s not free-to-play, it's free. He also mentions that many free games add pay walls in between different levels which makes the user pay for the game. It destroys the notion of free game. They also gave an assurance that the same won’t happen with their game.
Andy Tudor also said that there is no Pay-to-Win strategy, any user have the same opportunity of going into the top level without paying anything.
It’s really annoying to see the undeserving player win in a game just because he/she had enough money to buy add-ons for his/her car. There will be minimal enhancement tool provided and yes few micro payment are there but that won’t affect the rating of your racing potential. The player will win on his/her own capabilities.
We want to provide the best for everything in this game and with no money being spent by our users. Best cars will be provided and free of cost.
The tracks are taken from real life like of London or San Francisco. The user will feel themselves as a part of that place. The theme is kept as realistic as possible.

As said by lead developer Pete Morrish, World of Speed is about taking all this stuff that we're really quite good at in terms of cars and graphical fidelity and handling, and trying to make it palatable for a much wider audience.