Some of the year’s first few releases were quite spectacle action games like of  " Devil May Cry" in January, "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" released in February. Not to forget, Sony released God of War: Ascension, hence completing the trinity. But then the question stands is, whether Ascension can hold its own position alongside these seemingly great games.

After God of War III hype ended up, Sony announced another succession of it, " Ascension", many, including me, asked the same controversial question: Who is left for Kratos to violently murder? The answer were of course obscuring things from the great Greek mythology which compromised the Furies and the Hecatonchires.

Well you don’t know who ate these "the Furies"? You're not to be blamed for it as "The Furies" are faintly known in knowledge of The Greek mythology. They essentially are enforcer of promises and oaths made to and by the gods. If you break an oath of any God like Kratos, then the Goddesses of Punishment, Justice and Torment will get on this case, and if their names are any indication, meeting them will of course not be a very pleasant affair.