War of the Vikings is the sequel to 2012's War of the Roses. This time, programmers traded in the 15th Century English style battles for an exciting Viking/Saxon conflict. This resulted in an incredibly difficult and intense close-quarter game which managed to walk the fine line between an enjoyable and a mind-numbingly frustrating game.

Honestly, I can't stress that last point was enough; you will surely die in the War of the Vikings and you will die a lot most likely. I almost came close to just giving up this game all together, but no I didn’t. I'm a writer and I have my responsibilities. I even wanted to unlock the ranged class since I really enjoyed playing it so much in a time of few months during a press preview event.
This brings me to pet-peeve the number one which I have in the game: the classes are mostly locked away behind XP gain goal figures. Sure, it did took all of an hour to be able for me to play with that ranged Skirmisher class, and I probably died at least hundred times in that one hour. I'm not quite happy because I had to suffer a lot to play this game the way I wanted to, specially since my enjoyment on War of the Vikings was risingexponentially after unlocking the archer.