In the review of video game "The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3: A Crooked Mile", we're thinking of trying something new with this episodic reviews on our blog. What follows this game review is something of a combination of recap and review and, as a warning we would like to say that it might spoil the game suspense so read it at your own risk.

In the beginning of this video game "A Crooked Mile", we find Bigby who is the lead character of this game in a very dark place. Literally. In a blood-spattered hotel room this Big Bad Wolf as just uncovered one of the big bad secret of all time that might just turn the Fable town on its ear. He discovers some unsavory photographs while Crane has just been revealed as Snow's number one fan and is the lead suspect of the murderer stalking the Fabletown.

What follows next is perhaps one of the most focused of "The Wolf Among Us" episode yet. Bigby have to find Crane no matter what it takes. But that also makes it the most difficult. There are many moments of reflection, but this game puts in middle of a detective story and this game "A Crooked Mile" feels a little like an episode of Law and Order as a result.

On the way to warn Snow, Bigby stumbles to the funeral for Lily, there he finds one of the killer's victims and a troll prostitute who is taking on Snow's visage through the use of her glams. Bigby isn't the favorite of Fabletown cast-offs and this reputation has no way improved even by the arrival of the Tweedle brothers who try to scare off the sheriff of Crane's trail.