Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

Spider-man edge of time is a product of Activision, a video game based on superhero Spider-Man. This game has a whole new story to it and acts like a movie as the player lays and the movie also starts to play.

The storyline of this game is about a maniac scientist creating a time portal to go the past so as to change the history and gain all the control with him super advanced scientific robots and technology. With his technology, he creates anti-venom, a spider-man like creature who is more powerful than spider-man and is on the verge of killing him. This is when the spider-man from his future comes in to rescue him.

The changes made in past affects everything in future, all the buildings, hallways every structure of building etc. Alchemax is everywhere in the future version of spider-man world. It’s up to them now to save the world from the evil scientist.

This game is available for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The graphics of this game is really appreciating and the gameplay is what really makes a player engrossed. This game is surely has one of the most interesting plot as compared to any other game.